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Convert old quiz files

This conversion utility will convert old quiz files (as used by Seans Eile v2.x) to the new format (used by Seans Eile v3.x). The new files are saved with the ".seq" extension that Seans Eile v3.x expects. Your original files will not be modified.

NOTE: Seans Eile v3.x ships with a new quiz file which has many improvements (new modules and corrections to a few answers). You only need to use this converter if you've created your own modules or quiz files that you want to use with Seans Eile v3.x.

Click on the link below to launch the Seans Eile Quiz Converter. This version of the converter should run on all operating systems. If Java 5 is not already installed on your computer, it will automatically download and start the install of Java 5. After the install, it will launch the converter automatically.

If that button doesn't work properly with your browser, you can also launch the converter using the following command. To use this method, you must already have Java 5 (aka java 1.5) installed.

javaws http://nualeargais.ie/seansEile/javaws/seansEileConvert.jnlp