Sorry, but development of Rónán is on hold while I finish my PhD!

Rónán! is designed to:

In Rónán!, the player interacts with the main character, Rónán, by typing commands in Irish, instructing him to interact with other objects and characters in the game world. A command is perhaps the easiest type of sentence to form in Irish. Given a list of verbs and a few sample commands, even a beginner can see how to form new commands.

The game makes it easy to acquire new vocabulary: the player can find out the Irish word for any object in the scene by moving the mouse over that object to display a pop-up window containing various ways of referring to that object in Irish. Similarly, the user can move the mouse over anything that Rónán says, in order to display a pop-up with an English translation.

All of this assistance (pop-ups, verb list, sample commands) is available when needed, but is not displayed during normal play. A player who is fluent in Irish could play the game without ever using any of the translation features. This will help players reinforce their knowledge of Irish.