Caibidil a Cúig: Prepositions (Réamhfhocail)

ionsar = to, in the direction of

ionsar < d'ionnsaí ar / d'ionnsaighe ar = lit. "to approach on ", is a combination of the verbal noun ionnsaí and the preposition ar. This is why it is sometimes also written ionns'ar.


ionsar requires the dative.

Initial Mutations

Interrogative form

Combinations with personal pronouns

- general contrast form translation
me ionsorm ionsormsa towards me/to my place
you ionsort ionsortsa towards you/to your place
he ionsair ionsairsean towards him/to his place
she ionsuirthi ionsuirthise towards her/to her place
we ionsorainn  ionsorainne towards us/to our place
you(pl.) ionsoraibh ionsoraibhse towards you/to your place
they ionsorthu ionsorthusan towards them/to their place


  1. probably only common in Ulster
  2. " druid ionsar = turn to, tar ionsar an teach = to get to the house

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