Firefox Mhozilla as Gaeilge

Firefox 1.0 is officially in Irish. See for more information. Firefox now complies with the Official Languages Act (Internet Explorer does not) so if you work for an Irish Government Agency let your boss/IT department know asap.

Note that you can switch between running Firefox in English and running it in Irish. If you're running windows, copy and paste the shortcut that runs Firefox. Then edit one of them, rename it to Firefox English, and change the command line options from

-UILocale ga-IE

to one of the following:

-UILocale en-US -UILocale en-IE -UILocale en-UK ...or similar

If you're a little nervous about being able to understand the menus, keep the screen shots below (from the English version of Firefox) handy. Note: There may be changes in the menus from one version of Firefox to the next, but the most commonly used functions are less likely to move. A glossary of terms is also available.

Main Menus

Context Menus

Preferences - General

Preferences - Privacy

Preferences - Web Features

Preferences - Downloads

Preferences - Advanced